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We look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you with all of your Medicare Insurance needs.  We hope you find this website to be a useful tool as you conduct your research and learn more about Medicare.

Medicare & Annuities Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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My representative was Kevin Edwards. From the first call he was polite, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. Over the course of several conversations he was always responsive, patient with my many question and a subject of which I had no knowledge. I have already recommended him to several of my friends. You would not be disappointed with his service.
Medicare & Annuities Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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We've been using Integrity Now Insurance Brokers for over 10 years. Our Insurance Agent handles all of our personal insurance needs including auto insurance, home insurance, Medicare Insurance, and most recently several Fixed Indexed Annuities for my husband and I. They also write our Landlord insurance coverage for our rental properties located in Long Beach, California. I especially like that they give us the best insurance coverage, lowest Insurance rates, and great customer service. We refer them to our friends all of the time.
Medicare Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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I am so thankful for the help I received dealing with these very complicated Medicare issues, and there services Free!
Medicare & Annuities Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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Our Insurance Agent Kevin was very knowledgeable. He showed us review different options related to Medicare and Annuities. We now feel protected and know we are were we are supposed to be.
Medicare Supplement Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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Gave us very detailed plan descriptions and described all available options to best let us decide the plan we ultimately chose. We decided a Medicare Supplement with a standalone Part D plan would be best for my wife and I.
Medicare Supplement Client of Integrity Now Insurance Brokers
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I retired after 43 years of service in the oil industry. After retirement, I was covered under my wife's insurance as a teacher with the school district. However, as I approached my 65th birthday, I knew that I was going to have to navigate to the Medicare system for my medical insurance needs. What a mess. There was so much to learn and so many confusing choices. I had heard that it was of the utmost importance to get this right to achieve optimal coverage at the most reasonable price. In an effort to assist with the most informed choice, our agent Kevin reserved a meeting room at a local coffee shop and gave a very informative two hour seminar to myself and a life-long friend of mine. He provided us with handouts and materials that greatly simplified the process of navigating the Medicare minefield . It was especially helpful to myself as I was initiating my Medicare benefits at age 65, but delaying Social Security until my full age of 66 years & 2 months. I selected a Medicare Supplement plan as I wanted the freedom to select any Doctor or Specialist that I may need today or in the future.

Which Medicare Insurance Plan is right for me?


Our Medicare Insurance Agents are certified annually, through a national organization called America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) Certification.  You can feel confident with the advise we provide to you on your Medicare Insurance needs.

We are here to help you find a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan that is right for your individual needs.  We provide these Medicare services to you at no cost.

We are licensed throughout the United States.  Give us a call so we can answer all of your questions about Medicare insurance.  We look forward to hearing from you so we can provide you with the needed help you seek.

Call today (562) 735-3553 for a no cost comparison quote of more than 30 Medicare Insurance Carriers


As an independent Medicare Insurance Agent we represent your best interest, not the Medicare insurance carrier.  We help your select the Medicare insurance plan that provides you with the options you need and can afford.  Each year new Medicare insurance carriers and plans make their way into the marketplace.  In addition existing plans change by either adding or removing coverage.  We keep track of all of these changes so you don’t have too.


It is our goal to make buying Medicare insurance a hassle free process.  No matter if you need a Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plan we are here to help you with every step.  The day’s of a Medicare insurance agent having to show up to your house is no longer required.  In most cases, we can sign you up for a Medicare plan right over the phone and in less than 10 minutes.

What is the Difference between Medicare plans, such as Medicare Supplement Plans versus Medicare Advantage Plans.

Speak to one of our local, licensed Medicare Insurance Agent’s with Integrity Now Insurance Brokers. This will allow you to skip the nonstop research and have one of our trusted Medicare Insurance Advisors help you find a plan that works for you.  

Your Medicare insurance agent will review your healthcare needs and compare all available options.  This includes what is best for you related to a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

No two people have the same healthcare needs, which means no signal medicare plan is a fit for everyone.  We will help you find the Medicare coverage that’s right for you … and is priced to fits your individual budget.

All of our Medicare Services are no cost and no obligation to you. With one of our Medicare Insurance Agent, you get the benefit of great counsel along with great choices.