Can Medicare be Secondary to my Employers Insurance

Can Medicare be Secondary - US Veteran

Can Medicare be Secondary to my Employers Insurance This is a common question medicare beneficiaries have when covered by an employer plan and Medicare. If you are still working and your are current covered by an employers plan we get asked: Can Medicare be Secondary to my Employers Insurance or will it be primary.   This […]

2021 US Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Crash in 2021

(562) 735-3553 x1 Call one of our Team Members Today! Will the US Stock Market Crash in 2021? Like yourself I also invest in the stock market and I am also very concerned with this very question of will the US Stock market crash in 2021. Depending on your age and which companies you are […]

How to buy an Annuity in 2021

How to buy an Annuity

(562) 735-3553 x1 Call one of our Team Members Today! How to Buy an Annuity in 2021! Buying an annuity is straightforward when you are working with an annuity expert who helps answer all of your questions and sets a clear expectation of the process.  We work with a lot of clients in the Long […]

Best Medicare Insurance Plan for 2021

Best Medicare Plan 2021

Compare Medicare Quotes What are the Best Medicare insurance Plan for 2021 If you are like me you want to know what is the best Medicare insurance plan for 2021 that will meet all of my Medicare needs.  According to CMS which is in charge of Medcare, they state there is no “best plan” as […]

What’s new for Medicare in 2021?

What's New for Medicare in 2021

Are you looking to find out what is new in 2021 for your Medicare Benefits. We cover your 2021 Premium and Deductible cost along with your Medicare value added benefits.

Annual Enrollment Period Medicare Advantage Plans & Part D

Part D - Annual Enrollement

Compare Medicare Quotes Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans & Part D Prescription Drug Coverage It’s that time of year again in which millions of Americans have received their Medicare Notice of change from their Medicare Advantage Plan and their Part D prescription drug plan.  As Medicare Insurance Agents our phones ring almost constantly […]

Facts I need to know about Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B

Medicare Part A & Part B

Compare Medicare Quotes Everything You Need to Know about Medicare Part A and Part B If you are turning 65, or you are about to lose your insurance through your employers health plan, it is crucial to understand Part A and Part B of Medicare. You could also be turning 65 and will continue to […]

California Medicare Supplement Plan: Birthday Rule Changes

CA Birthday Rule Medicare Supplement Plans

Compare Medicare Quotes Medigap Policies: California Birthday Rule Change Want to change to a different Medigap Insurance Carrier as your pricing is starting to feel out of control? In the state of California they have a special rule called the Birthday Rule which allows you an opportunity to buy certain Medigap plans without a health […]

Medicare Supplement Plans Rank Best by 9 out of 10 Seniors

Medicare Supplement Plan Long Beach California

Compare Medicare Quotes Hitting a home run is difficult enough but I would call this a Grand Slam that most Medicare Supplement enrollees love their plan.   People can be hard to please and most always have an opinion especially when it comes their health insurance.  Based on this knowledge this next figure can be very […]

Medicare Plan F – Rumor and Facts

Doctor Office

Compare Medicare Quotes Plan F is NOT going away An elephant in the wild can be pretty intimidating if you are looking eye to eye with it.  Many of our medicare clients are worried that their Plan F is going away and will no longer be available anymore.  This concern quickly turns into fear or […]