Pay your Medicare Premium Payment Online

How To Pay Your Medicare Premium Payment Online

Paying your Medicare premium payment doesn’t have to cost you a stamp or a trip to the store to buy envelopes.  Today you can now pay your Medicare Part B premium online with a simple click of your mouse.

We understand not everyone likes to give our their credit card information online.  If you do decide to make your Medicare premium payment online it is important to verify you are on the correct website and that it is secure. 

You can verify it is a secure website, by looking next to the website address and you will see a lock.  Most website browsers will inform you if the website is Not secure.

With your next bill you receive from Medicare for your Part B premium, simply visit Medicare and log into your account so you can pay your bill online with a credit or debit card.

Making your Medicare premium payment online is:

  • Secure—your information is protected
  • Quick—your payments process in about 5 business days (faster than regular mail)
  • Free—Medicare does not charge an addition fee to make a Medicare premium payment
Pay your Medicare Premium Payment Online

One Time Payment of your Part B Insurance Premium online in 4 easy steps

If you are looking to understand how to make your Medicare premium payment online for your Part B premium, we have outlined below 4 easy steps to assist you in this process.  
  1. Create a New Account (If you don’t already have one)
  2. Log in to your secure Medicare account
  3. Select “Pay my premium.”
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay. Medicare will send you to the U.S. Treasury’s secure site to complete your payment.

The US Post Office announced recently, they will take an additional two days to process your mail.  Depending on where your mail is being sent, we are hearing of delays that are up to 3. weeks before the intended recipient receives their payment. 

By using your secure online Medicare account you can remove the worry of your Medicare not being paid on time or being cancelled.  In addition, your online account provides you with current information about your Medicare premium bill and Medicare premium payment history. In addition, Medicare provides you with a confirmation number when you make your online Medicare Part B premium payment.  Can you say peace of mind.

Sign up for Medicare Easy Recurring Payment through your online Medicare account

If you are like us, we are all about helping our clients have a great experience.  One way Medicare has attempted to help is by giving you the ability to sign up for Medicare Easy Pay to set up recurring premium payments.  When you enable recurring payments, Medicare will automatically deduct your Part B insurance premium from your checking or savings account each month.

The process to setup a recurring online bill pay is easy.

  1. Select “My Premiums” from the top menu,
  2. Click “Sign up” to fill out a short online form.
  3. Allow 6-8 weeks before your automatic deductions start.


Once Medicare Easy Pay starts, you’ll see your automatic deduction from the account you selected.  In addition you will see your online payment history, and Medicare will mail you monthly statements instead of a bill.

Find all the ways to pay your Medicare premiums online.

Get Help From A Medicare Insurance Agent

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers loves helping our client with their Medicare needs.  While we can’t do everything for you, we can definitely help point you in the right direction.  We have helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries with their Medicare needs.   

Did you know there is a major difference between Original Medicare with a Supplement and obtaining a Medicare Advantage plan.  We are here to help explain the differences so you can make an informed decision.

Reach out to us today and request an online Medicare quote or pick up the phone and talk with one of our Medicare insurance agents.