Medicare Advantage Plans Long Beach California

Medicare Advantage Plans in Long Beach California

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers specializes in Medicare Advantage plans in Long Beach California.  We are well-versed in all available Medicare insurance carriers and Medicare insurance plan options.  

As you get closer to turning 65, you will not only need to figure out how to sign up for Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D, you will need to decide if a Medicare Advantage Plan or remaining on Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement is the best option for you.  

No matter if you are new to Medicare or have been on it for years,  you quickly find out that the decisions you made at the beginning were the biggest decision you had to make related to your health insurance coverage.

Having a Medicare expert by your side to explain the pros and cons of a Medigap plan versus the pros and cons of a Medicare Advantage Plan is invaluable.  Many people go for it all by themselves and later regret their decision only to find out that they are now stuck. 

Our goal as your Medicare Insurance Agent is to ensure you know all the facts so you won’t look back and regret your decision based on you only knowing half the facts.

What is Medicare and How Does it Work?

Which Medicare Advantage Plan do I Pick?

When selecting your Medicare Advantage plan in Long Beach, California, we have many options available.  While most (99%) of them are HMO products, the overall coverages are some of the best across the USA.

When considering which Medicare Advantage plan to go with, we usually start by asking the following questions:

  1. What are the Names of your must-have Doctors (Primary Care & Specialist)
  2. What Hospitals must be included in your plan
  3. Do you have a specific cancer facility you need or want access to
  4. Any other medical facility that you cannot do without
  5. What Medications are you currently taking

Once we have this list, we begin our research and determine which Medicare Advantage Plan / Medicare Insurance Carrier will offer all of your required Doctors, Specialists, Hospitals, and Medical Facilities.

Once we have narrowed our research to the top Medicare Advantage plans available, we do our best to see who offers the most competitive benefits.  These benefits include your Max Out of Pocket cost, Co-pays, Deductibles, and Part D prescription drug benefits.  

What happens if I can't find a Medicare Advantage Plan that covers all of my Must Have Doctors or Medical Facilities?

Many of our clients who contact us usually tell us they want a Medicare Advantage Plan and ask us for help.  As we talk further and ask, our top 5 questions are when we figure out what options are available to them.

We have had a few occasions where our clients wanted a specific Doctor or Specialist and we were not able to find a plan that would cover both of these individuals under their plans.  We were able to either cover one or two of their Doctors but were not able to cover all of their Doctors. 

In this case, we advise our client they have two options.  Option one is to either replace one of their Doctors with a new Doctor that is part of the Network of Doctors, or option two is to pick Original Medicare and obtain a Medigap plan.  With option two, you are not tied to a Medical Network, but rather, you will have full access to any Doctor or Facility that accepts Medicare (which is about 97% of all Doctors) throughout the USA.

Many of these clients will then ask what is the difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medigap plan.  It’s usually at this point that we will help educate our client on the differences between the two.  We are not here to push or steer you in one direction or the other, our job is to educate you on all available options so you feel comfortable in your decision.  

Checklist Difference Between Medigap and Advantage Plans

Should I go with an Advantage Plan or Medigap Plan?

When it comes to selecting your Medicare Advantage plan in Long Beach California, or a Medigap plan, this is a very specific choice only you can make for yourself.  

While we are here to answer all of your questions, Medicare does not allow us to make that decision for you.  We have created this site to help in your research and will enable you to compare these two options.  

Once you have made your decision, it is essential that you enroll in all of the needed coverage options to ensure you don’t have any penalties that could follow you for the rest of your life.  

These penalties include:

  • Part B Penalty 
  • Part D Penalty

It is essential that you sign up for both of these coverage at the correct time or you could face penalties for each of these two Medicare Parts.  These penalties will last forever and will never go away.  

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc - Your Medicare Insurance Agent

As your Long Beach, CA, Medicare Agent, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

The great news is within the past few years, Medicare Insurance Companies now allow Medicare Insurance Agents to help you obtain your Medicare plans over the phone.  We are no longer required to show up at your house.  

We are here to help explain all of your Medicare options to ensure you are 100% comfortable with your choice.  Give us a call today!

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