Medicare Advantage Agents

Medicare Advantage Agents

When looking for a Medicare plan, it is important to use a Medicare advantage agents who specialize in Medicare.  As a consumer finding an insurance agent who specializes in medicare advantage plans can feel like an impossible task.

Many insurance agents do not offer or sell Medicare as part of their agency, due to the requirements for them to become and maintain their certification. 

We recommend working with a Medicare insurance brokers that have access to all of the Medicare insurance companies available for your state.  A Medicare insurance agency, will have the need staff who specialize in Medicare. 

Medicare advantage agents are there to help you understand how Medicare works, and to ensure your coverage will work for you.  

As your Medicare agent we are also here to make sure you are enrolled into all the appropriate Parts of Medicare.

Do You Need A Medicare Advantage Agent

Medicare advantage agents specialize in Medicare advantage plans.  As Advantage plans are represented by private insurance companies, each certified Medicare insurance agency and their agents are required to complete an annual certification.  

In addition each Medicare advantage company, requires the independent Medicare insurance agents to study and pass their individual tests.  Once completed, Medicare advantage agents are able to represent and sell each of the companies products.  

As a Medicare beneficiary, you thankfully do not get the pleasure of taking these tests each year.  As each company is constantly changing their plans, it is important for Medicare insurance agents to fully grasp these plans.

The average time needed to research Medicare advantage plans takes about an hour to research when looking for the best Medicare advantage plan for their client.

This is because each person healthcare needs are different.  It would be awesome if we had our one or two sure bets, but that is never the case.  

Most people are not aware that throughout the US there are 3,834 different Medicare advantage plan in 2022 plan year. 

When you compare that to a Medicare supplement plan which only has 10 Medicare plans.  Of the 10 plans Medigap plans 2 are primarily used by most consumers.  These are the Medicare Plan G and Medicare Plan N.  

So how do you pick a Medicare plan, when there are so many to choose from?  That is where Medicare insurance agents are here to help in this process.  

Understanding Medicare

What Is A Medicare Insurance Agent

There are lots of insurance agents throughout the United States, and often times you can find several insurance agency throughout a town.  While there are many insurance agents, there are only a few who specialize in Medicare.  

Medicare insurance agents are licensed professionals, who help their clients obtain insurance coverage based on the specific license the insurance agent holds.  

Most Medicare advantage agents are part of an insurance agency, who provides the access to all of the different insurance markets.  

Captive Medicare Advantage Agents

Agents are considered captive when they can only sell for a single insurance company.  They are not allowed to offer or discuss plans outside of their specific company.  Allstate, Farmers, & State Farm are all examples of a captive insurance company.

Independent Medicare Insurance Agency

Medicare insurance agents who work with an independent insurance agency, are able to sell for any insurance company.  They have the freedom to find and sell the best medicare insurance plan for each of their clients.  

Most often an independent insurance agent is also considered an insurance broker.  These names go hand in hand with each other.  

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is part of Trusted Choice, which is a national nonprofit insurance organization for independent insurance agencies.

How Does an Agent or Broker Help You With Medicare Insurance Plan Choices?

Medicare advantage agents who are consider an insurance broker, will typically have access to a software system.  The software system allows them to quickly navigate all available Medicare plans within your local area.

Before they start comparing plans, they will ask about your healthcare needs to better focus their efforts.  For many people a Medicare advantage plan is their best option, while other will need a Medigap plan.  

Your Medicare insurance agent is also there to help you switch Medicare plans.  Depending on the type of plan you are enrolled in, there will be specific times you are allowed to make changes. These are known as Medicare enrollment periods.

Your individual state may have additional requirements in place, before you can switch plans as well.

For a Medicare advantage plan, you are typically allowed to make changes to your plan each year from October 15 through December 7.  

However, for a Medigap plan you state may have a completely different set of rules.  For instance California has the Medicare birthday rule.  Medicare beneficiaries in California can switch insurance companies on and around their birthday.

How Do Medicare Insurance Agents Paid

How Do Medicare Advantage Agents Get Paid?

Medicare advantage agents are paid in a couple different ways.  They are either hired by a company and paid a salary or they are paid on a commission basis for each client they help.  Most Medicare insurance agents are paid on a commission basis, which is paid directly from the insurance company.

Similar to when you purchase your home or auto insurance from an insurance agent, they are paid a commission for each of those sales.  

The cost of each of these policies do not increase or decrease if a consumer either using an insurance agent or goes directly with an insurance company.

Most often, the consumer will pay a higher cost going directly to the Medicare insurance company, as they are only able to offer their product.

Medicare advantage plans commission are regulated by the government, and are paid the same amount no matter which insurance company your agent takes you too.  

Locate a Medicare Insurance Agent

Why Work with Medicare Advantage Agents?

When you work with independent Medicare advantage agents, you gain instant access into an Medicare expert.  They are their to make finding a Medicare insurance company and plan easier.  They also help make sure you don’t forget to sign up for a specific required coverage.  

Searching Multiple Medicare Insurance Companies

Medicare advantage agents or brokers have access to the needed tools, allowing them the ability to quickly find specific plans.  They remove the complexities of Medicare and they do their best to keep it simple. 

This removed hours of work on your behalf, allowing your Agent to review every Medicare company from a single screen. 

Navigating Original Medicare

We wish Medicare was easy, however, with any government runned program they always find a way to complicate things.  For most people their employer took care of their healthcare needs.  Even your employer hired an insurance expert to provide them with quotes.  

Your Medicare insurance agents will help you navigate all available Medicare plans, discussing the pros and cons of each plan.  

Medical Underwriting

All Medicare advantage plans do not require any medical underwriting related to your current and past health conditions.  A Medicare supplement plan may require medical underwriting, if you do not qualify for guaranteed issue.  

A Medicare insurance agents job, is to help find a Medicare plan the best meets your needs.


Selecting Your Medicare Insurance Agent

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a Medicare agency with  20 plus years of experience.  Our Medicare advantage agents, have the expertise you are looking for.  

If you are considering a Medicare advantage plan, make sure you are using an insurance agent who has access to all available Medicare insurance companies and plans.

Take your time and get to know your Agent.  Make sure they have the needed experience to help you.

Know the differences between a Medicare advantage plan and a Medicare supplement plan.  Each of these two plan types function completely differently.  

You may prefer one plan over another.  It is important to understand why your Medicare advantage agents may not recommend the plan you prefer. 

Insurance agents will explain why selecting one plan over another is a better idea.  

If you need help find a Medicare plan please let us know how we can help you.  You can either give us a call or complete our quote request form.