Medicare Supplement Agents

Medicare Supplement Agents

If a beneficiary is looking for Medicare supplement agents, they have typically done their homework.  They have a bit more understanding of how Medicare works and know all the reasons why they do not want a Medicare advantage plan.

It is also possible one of their friends or family members has a Medicare supplement plan, which is why you are wanting a Medigap plan as well.

You are now faced with finding an insurance agent who sells Medicare.  Once you find this Medicare insurance agency, you’ll need to find an agent who understands and sells Medigap plans.

This is due to the simple fact, most Medicare insurance agents only sell Medicare advantage plans

Medicare insurance companies provide little to no educational support about Medigap plans, and primarily educate agents on Medicare advantage plans.

Most beneficiaries tend to find great success in finding Medicare supplement agents, who work for an insurance broker who specializes in Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Agency

Most Medicare Supplement Agents Are Truly Experts

When talking with a Medicare Agent, the average person will not know if the agent is an expert or a novis.  Many insurance agents who sell Medicare, will typically lead or only present a Medicare advantage plan.  

This is because this is the primary or only product they understand and know.  An expert Medicare insurance agent should discuss both Medicare options and discuss the pros and cons of each Medicare program.  

We recently helped a couple sign up for a Medicare supplement plan.  They said, they were referred to us from one of their friends.  

They had already been through an hour long presentation and met with another Medicare agent several times in person. 

The other two agents only mentioned Medicare advantage plans and they felt both of these agents had very little knowledge Medigaps.  As a result they felt strong armed into buying only a Medicare advantage plan.

After we had spent a little time with them over the phone, they stated they had both learned a lot more about Medicare in the short phone call then in all of the other meetings combined.

We ended us signing the couple up with a Medigap Plan G and two different standalone Part D plans.  We helped them navigate the process of leaving their employer plan, and seamlessly signed them up for Medicare.

When a Medicare insurance agent specializes in both a Medicare Advantage plan and Medicare Supplement plan, the client wins as they are able to make an informed decision.  

Medicare supplement agents wins as well, as they have earned a lifelong client, who will refer all of their friends and family members.  

Medicare Supplement Agents

Why Purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare supplement plans fill in the gaps left behind by Original Medicare.  When a Medicare beneficiary remains on Original Medicare they keep all of their earned healthcare benefits.  

Adding a Medigap plan, ensures Medicare eligible beneficiaries will not be stuck with large bills if they end up in the hospital or need an outpatient procedure.  

Medigap plans continue to allow people to have the freedom to select any doctor or medical facility who accepts Medicare.  The great news is nearly 98% of all medical professions and facilities accept Medicare.  

With a Medigap plan you are also able to travel and see any doctor.  A lot of our clients spend their winters and summers in two different states.  With a Medicare supplement plan, you can freely say any doctor needed wherever you are at. 

Unlike Medicare advantage plans where you can only go to an emergency room while out of network, your Medigap plan will cover a general practitioner, specialist, or medical facility.  

With this freedom comes overall better health, as you won’t feel like you can’t see a doctor.  You are able to self-refer to any doctor you need at that moment.

Medicare supplement plans also keep your doctor in control of your healthcare needs.  The doctor does not need to wait for network approvals or denials of a needed medical treatment.

Medicare supplement agents truly understand all of these value added healthcare benefits.  These really are value added health benefits, unlike getting a free gym membership which most do not use.  

How Do I Sign Up For a Medicare Supplement Plan

Once a Medicare beneficiary is enrolled into both Part A and Part B of Medicare,  Medicare supplement agents are able to begin the process of signing someone up for a specific plan.

While you are waiting to receive. your new Medicare card, this is a great time to figure out which Medigap plan would work best for you.  

In additional, you will need to provide your Medicare agent with your list of prescription medications.

Typically most Medicare beneficiaries will provide their complete list of medications to their agent via an email.  This way, the Medicare supplement agents will have everything to create a complete file. 

Once your new red, white, and blue Medicare card arrives, your insurance agent will help sign you up for the designed Medigap plan.

If you received your card but have misplaced it you can request a new one through your online social security account.

We Are Your Expert Medicare Supplement Agents

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers is a Medicare insurance expert.  Our Medicare supplement agents are licensed and certified in all 50 states.  

We do not just focus on Medicare advantage plans, but rather focus on our clients needs.

If our client is served best obtain a Medicare advantage plan, this will be the plan we recommend.  However, if a Medigap plan would be their best option, we have the flexibility to make this recommendation as well. 

The average Medicare supplement agent within our agency, spend 3 weeks to a month on their continued education.  This ensures our clients are provided with the most current advise.

Medicare is constantly changing from year to year, let us keep up with the changing laws so you can enjoy your vacations and time with your friends and family.  

Reach out to one of our Medicare supplement agents today.