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Medicare Options in IDAHO

Those who have reached an age where they can officially be called ‘seniors’ in Idaho can set an unprecedented example by enjoying each moment of their day to the fullest. Hunting, boating, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, golfing, and many other adventurous activities await those who have spent their entire lives working hard to earn bread for their loved ones.

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Idaho, also known as the Gem State, boasts many remarkable fun spots and outdoor attractions that make it appealing to young families, millennials, and retirees alike. While aging helps one become wiser, it also makes one more prone to health issues. The rising healthcare costs in the United States can make senior citizens think twice about spending any money on leisure.

According to various surveys, many people incur enormous debts and lose their savings trying to pay for their medical bills. Similarly, youth with disabilities also require similar forms of coverage so that any accidental or unexpected expenses can be taken care of without having to take on debt.

Medicare Plans prove to be the biggest relief to counter such situations. It’s a government-run health insurance program covering a wide range of medical expenses for millions of Americans nationwide. The US Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) oversees the program’s administration (HHS). Residents of Idaho can also consider signing up for Medicare Plans, Medigap, and Medicare Advantage as per their needs. Making the right choice is essential as the right healthcare plan will help prevent any excessive medical bills that one could be paying until the end of time.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers has a team of highly experienced and AHIP-certified Medicare insurance agents who can assist you in streamlining a robust plan that helps you live a debt-free and stress-free life while helping you access the best healthcare facilities just like you deserve. Get in touch with our unbiased Medicare insurance brokers immediately via a quick call to get all the details you need to get started.


A Run Down on Different Insurance Plans Available in Idaho

Most Idaho residents are eligible for Medicare at the age of 65. However, those who have been receiving disability payments for at least two years or have been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or kidney failure are also eligible for coverage. Original MedicareThe first option includes the Original Medicare, with Part A and Part B that help cover basic expenses. Part A covers health care services in a hospital. It covers hospital inpatient treatment, hospice care, certain specialized nursing facilities, and some home healthcare.

Part B covers medical insurance. The plan covers everything from outpatient care to in-home care, mental health, partial hospitalization, and durable medical equipment. It also includes certain preventive care, such as vaccines and screenings, to maintain your health and prevent illnesses from getting worse. However, Original Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs, plus there aren’t any limits on the annual out-of-pocket expenses.

Medicare Advantage

Many people thus turn to Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C. Private insurance carriers approved by Medicare generally offer these. Private insurance providers have contracts with Medicare to combine both Part A and Part B coverage into a single policy. They offer the same coverage as the Original Medicare but with added benefits like prescription drug coverage (Part D), vision, dental, hearing, health and wellness programs, and yearly limits on out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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Idaho’s Medicare Advantage program offers four types of plans:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

HMOs typically require that you use only providers in their network for all your healthcare needs:

  • Your primary care physician (PCP) should approve treatment and medicines and will also refer you to specialists.
  • Most policies cover prescription medication.
  • Prescription drug coverage cannot be purchased separately.
  • If you stay in the network, you’ll pay less.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPOs offer a network of recommended providers, but you can pay more if you want to visit an out-of-network doctor or hospital.

  • You are not obligated to have a primary care physician (PCP) or seek referrals to specialists.
  • Drug coverage is included in most policies.
  • Drug coverage cannot be purchased separately.
  • More expensive premiums and charges outside the network


Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS)

PCPs and referrals are not required for PFFS plans, though they are recommended:

  • Anyone who accepts the terms of the Medicare plan and agrees to help you is eligible for Medicare benefits.
  • Drug coverage can be part of your overall health plan, or you can purchase it separately.
  • You will pay more if you choose a provider who does not agree to the terms of the plan.

Special Needs Plan (SNP)

SNPs are only available to people with specific diseases or characteristics, and they provide coordinated treatment and benefits that are tailored to your needs:

  • You’ll need a primary care physician (PCP) and referrals to specialists to get treatment.
  • Plans always include drug coverage.
  • If you fulfill the eligibility conditions, you can enroll in this plan at any time

Many different Medicare Advantage plans are available in Idaho with different coverage when it comes to benefits the Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Typically, if Original Medicare offers a certain benefit, all Medicare Advantage plans generally also cover it.

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You must consider the plan’s premium, co-payment, and co-insurance as a little search can help you find plans which cost you as low as $0. However, regardless of the Medicare Advantage plan type you sign up for, you need to continue paying the Medicare Part B premium in addition to the plan’s premium.

Browse through the Medicare Hope website to ensure you’re in the know about any new Idaho Medicare Advantage plans before applying. You can use our Medicare plan finder tool available on our website to check how many Medicare Advantage plans are available in Idaho.


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Supplemental Insurance - Medigap Options in Idaho

There is no cap on out-of-pocket expenses under Original Medicare. Part A covers 80% of the inpatient care in the hospital, along with skilled nursing facilities. While Part B covers 80% of the total outpatient care with the necessary medical supplies. Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans in Idaho are designed to cover some or all the out-of-pocket payments that Medicare members would otherwise bear.

Since Medigap coverage is quite comprehensive and cannot be combined with Medicare Advantage plans, people often go for Medigap coverage instead. Although all standard Medigap plans are offered in Idaho, Plans G and F are the most preferred, as they offer the most adequate coverage and are available in high-deductible versions. Here are a few highlights from some of the Idaho Medigap plans.

Plan F—This plan has become a popular choice because it covers all the gaps left by Medicare Parts A and B. It covers Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital expenses for up to a year after you’ve used your Medicare benefits. Plan F can also ease the financial burden of co-insurance for hospice or skilled nursing care. While it’s one of the most comprehensive plans as it covers the deductibles for Part B, it was only available for Idaho residents who qualified for Medicare till December 2019.

Plan G—This plan covers the same gaps as Plan F, except for the deductible on Part B. Once a year, you will be responsible for paying your own Part B deductible. Many new Medicare subscribers are unable to sign up for Plan F, which is why Plan G is a viable alternative. Aside from this, the plans are identical.

Plan K—It comes with an out-of-pocket limit. So, if you’ve reached the limit, your plan will pay the entire amount for those who pay their Part B deductibles.

Plan L—This is similar to Plan K, but the monthly premiums are higher than Plan M, plus it comes with relatively lower out-of-pocket limits.

Plan M—It’s not suitable for those requiring inpatient care in hospitals as it only pays 50% of the deductibles in Part A.

Plan N—This plan has recently garnered a lot of popularity for offering a lower premium. However, Idaho residents are charged a copay for emergency room visits and doctors. You’ll also have to front the copay for doctor’s appointments and hospital stays under Plan N. You will be responsible for up to $20 in-office visits and up to $50 in emergency rooms. These copays often lower Plan N’s rates than Plan G’s.

All these options can get confusing, which is where our services come in. Our Medigap and Medicare insurance specialists can offer quotations for any healthcare plan you’re considering. Whichever plan you decide to go with, we can provide you with quotes from a variety of top insurers in Idaho.

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Medigap insurers in Idaho set their premiums in three ways:

Issue-age rating

The premiums are calculated depending on the person’s age at the time of enrollment. Enrollment premiums are usually cheaper for people under 65 than for anyone over 80. Overall rates may rise, but not in response to individual enrollees’ advancing years.

Attained-age rating

Most insurance companies around the country use the attained-age rating method. A person’s premiums go higher as they become older since the insurer can raise them depending on the enrollee’s age.

Community rating

Premiums are not affected by age in community rating. Only eight states mandate this method. Insurers tend to avoid this approach unless it is mandated.

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Most insurance companies in Idaho use issue-age ratings while others use attained-age ratings. This is unlike what insurers follow in most states, where the attained-age rating is the most prevalent technique unless the state demands it differently. 

First-time Medicare enrollees in Idaho may find selecting the right plan a bit intimidating at first, given all these options. Medicare Hope, we aim to make Medicare as simple as possible. We’ll work with you one step at a time until we find the right solution for you.


Factors When Evaluating Your Insurance Options

Amount of Coverage Required

Think about the goals you want to achieve with your plan. Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans typically cover additional dental, vision, and hearing benefits that are not included in the original Parts A and B. When shopping for insurance, maintain a list of desired benefits so you can choose a plan that fulfills all of them.

Provider Network

Many Medicare plans require you only to consult providers within the plan’s network. Your medical costs may rise if you do not stay within the network of providers that you have contracted with. Find out if the physicians and hospitals you’re considering are part of the network to save money on medical bills.

Plan Ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) releases Part C and Part D performance data every year. Check these ratings before the open enrollment period begins.

Out-of-Pocket Max

This is the most you’ll have to pay for Medicare-covered services if you adhere to the plan’s in- and out-of-network coverage guidelines and do not exceed the premium, deductible, and medication costs.

Co-insurance & Copays

Often referred to as cost-sharing, you’re responsible for these costs when you use your benefits. Find out how much your insurance covers for doctor’s appointments, treatments, services, and prescriptions.


You must pay this amount before the insurance plan starts to help cover costs. Medicare Advantage Plans have set deductibles that typically change every year.

Drug Coverage

Prescription medicine is often costly, so you want to make sure your plan covers your medical expenses. Consult the policy’s formulary to determine if and how much your drugs will cost. Ask your physician if there is a substitute or generic option for a medication that is not on the list.

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Extra Benefits

Most Medicare Advantage Plans cover prescription medications, but some also include additional benefits that the Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Think about the additional benefits that are crucial to your situation. You might require hearing or vision benefits, dental services, transportation to doctor’s visits, discounted gym memberships, and other targeted services. Medicare Advantage Plans often tailor the benefits to meet the particular needs of chronically ill beneficiaries.


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The Enrollment Periods for Idaho

Initial Coverage Election

This refers to when you become eligible for the first time. The period includes three months before the person’s 65th birthday, their birthday month, and the following three months. In the case of disability qualification, the period commences three months after and before the twenty-fifth month of getting the benefits.

Annual Election

This period extends from October to December, during which you can switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan from the Original Medicare. Those already registered in Medicare Advantage can switch in the said time period.

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Open Enrollment Period

The open enrollment period from January to March allows you to go back to your Original Medicare or switch between the Medicare Advantage Plans.

Special Enrollment

A special enrollment period is granted to beneficiaries who lose their insurance coverage or their eligibility changes due to unforeseen circumstances (such as job loss, relocation, etc.)


Let Us Help You Find the Right Insurance Plan

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers boasts a team of qualified Medicare Insurance agents that will play an active role in helping you find the right health insurance company and plan. We’ve helped countless clients in Idaho understand the complexities and jargon that were in the way of them getting themselves suitable Medicare insurance.

We’ve got a network of the top Medicare Insurance providers across the US. Our extensive experience allows us to keep a watchful eye on the factors that hinder top-class healthcare access. As independent Medicare insurance agents, your best interests are our only concern, so we only work with Medicare insurance providers with a proven track record.
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With our guidance, you can compare quotes and find a Medicare insurance plan that covers your needs at the best possible price.

Get in touch with us for a one-on-one consultation with our Medicare insurance agents to get all the details regarding Medicare costs, eligibility, enrollment periods, Parts, and more, before getting started.

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