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Medicare Options in Nebraska

Access to quality healthcare is among the top struggles faced by people that call America their home. While the country is lucky enough to have access to some of the finest healthcare professionals, facilities, methods, and equipment for cure and care, it also comes at a substantial cost.

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Medicare Eligibility in Nebraska

Most people in the US get automatically enrolled in the Medicare program after they reach the age of 65. Any person who has received at least 24 months of disability benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board and has regular kidney dialysis, kidney transplant, renal failure, end-stage renal disease, or ALS, is also eligible for this healthcare plan as long as they’re a permanent and legal US citizen. If you’ve been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, you will start receiving Medicare benefits in the first month of getting disability benefits.

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Medicare Plans Available in Nebraska

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B)

The Original Medicare, also known as the traditional Medicare, includes Medicare Part A and Part B. Part A deals with health care services in a hospital, providing coverage for hospital inpatient treatments, specialized nursing facilities, nursing home care (that isn’t custodial or long-term), hospice care, and home healthcare.

Part B covers necessary medical services required to diagnose or treat the medical condition. And preventive services like healthcare to prevent illnesses and detection of illness at an early stage.

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Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

The PPO plans have a recommended network of physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies, but you can also choose an out-of-network doctor for a higher price.

  • No PCP or specialty referral requirement
  • Most plans provide coverage for prescription medication
  • You cannot purchase a drug coverage separately
  • Higher charges and premiums apply when you choose out-of-network healthcare facilities.

Special Needs Plan (SNP)

This SNP plan is only available for people diagnosed with certain medical conditions and ailments that require special care. This is why this plan is designed to match their specific needs.

For this plan:

  • You require a PCP and a specialist’s recommendations
  • Drug coverage is included
  • Anybody who meets the eligibility criteria can join this plan at any time

Medicare Part D

Medicare Parts A and B do not provide coverage for outpatient prescription medication. For some people, they’re the most important requirements. Nebraskan Medicare beneficiaries can avoid out-of-pocket expenses by opting for Medicare Part D to get coverage for prescription medication.

This creditable Medicare coverage plan includes a wide range of medicines such as chemotherapy, intravenous, and other over-the-counter drugs. Experienced Medicare insurance agents in Nebraska can educate you about the exceptions, which generally include over-the-counter options, weight loss, or weight gain medicines, to name a few.

Do note that you can only avail of Part D once you’ve paid for the yearly deductible, as you won’t be covered for your purchases until the yearly deductible has been taken care of. Moreover, the budget isn’t unlimited; you only get coverage for the allocated budget.

Going above the threshold would mean you will have to pay for all the remaining out-of-pocket expenses. If you think the limit is too small for your needs, there are ways to increase it. You also get some copay solutions with your Part D coverage. Give us a call, and our Medicare insurance agents in Nebraska will educate you about your options.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans in Nebraska

Since there’s no limit on out-of-pocket expenses under the original Medicare plan, Nebraskans can consider getting a secondary health coverage plan, also known as Medicare Supplement or Medicare healthcare plan. The plan is designed to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses that beneficiaries must otherwise bear.

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Comparing Medicare Plans in Nebraska: Factors to Consider

Amount of Coverage Required

Whenever shopping for health insurance, maintain a list of all the goals and requirements that you expect your insurance plan to meet. Plans like Medicare Advantage and Medigap have additional benefits like dental, vision, hearing, and other wellness-promoting programs. A list of all your specific needs will help you keep your goals in mind and choose a plan that fulfills them all. To compare the pricing of different Medigap plans in Nebraska, contact one of our licensed Medigap agents for help.
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Medicare Enrolment in Nebraska

Medicare will automatically register you the day you turn 65 or if you have received at least four Social Security or railroad retirement board payments. If not, you can always apply for a healthcare plan online

Here are the time frames for applying for a Medicare healthcare program.

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Partner with Medicare Hope

If you feel the rising costs for healthcare are getting difficult for you to handle on your own with age, Medicare and Medigap are what you need. Medicare Hope is Integrity Now Insurance’s service to make it easier for people to deal with the burden of rising medical treatment costs, whether it’s for prescription drugs or a doctor’s visit.

Your health and convenience are our priority. Our insurance agents are committed to equipping you with their expertise and knowledge of the health insurance industry. With our experience, we will help you find the most comprehensive and affordable healthcare plan that meets all of your specific requirements.

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